About GreenPhylDB


GreenPhylDB is jointly developed by Bioversity International and the International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD).

This database is part of the SouthGreen Bioinformatics platform.

e-mail greenphyldb(at) or m.rouard(at)


  • Mathieu Rouard (Bioversity)
  • Valentin Guignon (Bioversity)
  • Jean-François Dufayard (CIRAD)


  • Matthieu Conte (Syngenta)
  • Sebastien Briois (Syngenta)
  • Alberto Cenci (Bioversity)
  • Gaetan Droc (CIRAD)

Past contributors

  • Christophe Perin
  • Christian Walde
  • Nadege Lanau
  • Christelle Aluome (intern 2009)
  • Marie-Angélique Laporte (intern 2008)


The GreenPhyl project was supported by the Generation Challenge Programme.
Thanks to Vincent Lefort for its help on PhyML and Christian Zmasek on the forester package.
Thanks to Stephanie Bocs and Manuel Ruiz for their support.