Family GP008028

Family ID GP008028  add to my list RDF
Family name Plant self-incompatibility response family   suggest a name
Synonym(s) Defensin-like protein
Curation status ?
Found in Arabidopsis thaliana plant-specific
Phylogenetic analyzes Phylogeny done

Clustering level Family ID (number of sequences)
Plant self-incompatibility response family (plant-specificity: 100%)
GP008028 (20)
(plant-specificity: 100%)
GP029369 (7) ,
(plant-specificity: 100%)
GP032408 (5) , GP029330 (4)
(plant-specificity: 100%)
GP056507 (5) , GP060421 (4) , GP056463 (3)
(plant-specificity: 100%)
GP088492 (5) , GP093332 (4) , GP088438 (3)
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Sequence total: 20
Species Count (w/o splice) Count (w/ splice)
20 20

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IPR Annotation Type % Occurence Specificity
Plant self-incompatibility response
Plant self-incompatibility response Family 70 (14) No

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Alignment and filtration statistics:

Overall family sequences Sequences used for alignment (w/o splice) Sequences kept after filtration [min; median; max] ~average sequence length Alignment length Masked alignment length
20 20 (100%) 20 (100%) [86; 94; 109] ~94 142 57

Phylogenomic tree statistics:

Overall family sequences Sequences used for phylogeny (w/o splice and filtered seq.) Average branch length Median branch length Standard deviation
20 20 (100%) 1.35509 1.09486 0.541844

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