Family GPV1_4008_4

Family ID GPV1_4008_4 OBSOLETE  add to my list
Family name Unannotated cluster
Creation date (last update: 2014-05-27 11:13:37)
Level 4
Owner greenphyl_v1
Evidence N/A
Access public - read only
Family description / comments
Sequences 3

Level Family ID (number of sequences)
WD40 repeat family [OBSOLETE]
GPV1_17_1 (467)
See at level 2 [OBSOLETE]
GPV1_48_1 (241)
WD-40 repeat subfamily 35 [OBSOLETE]
GPV1_4016_2 (3)
3 GPV1_4043_3 (3)
4 GPV1_4008_4 (3)
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Sequence total: 3
Species Sequence Count

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