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Oral Presentations

  • Plant and Animal Genomes XXII conference(PAG), San diego USA (2014)
  • Quest for orthologs 3, Lausanne Switzerland (2013)
  • Plant and Animal Genomes XXI conference(PAG), San diego USA (2013)
  • JOBIM - Satellites day, Montpellier France (2010)
  • Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII conference(PAG), San diego USA (2010)
  • GCP Annual Research Meeting, Bamako Mali (2009)
  • IRRI, International Rice Research Institute (2008) (download)
  • GCP Annual Research Meeting, Bangkok Thailand (2008) (download)
  • ISRFG, Tsukuba Japan (2007) (download)
  • GCP Annual Research Meeting, Benoni South Africa (2007) (download)
  • ALPHYL, Montpellier (2006), 4th IRFGM, Montpellier (2006), SwissPort group, Geneva (2006) (download)


  • PAG, SanDiego USA (2013)
  • Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution conference (SMBE), Dublin Ireland (2012)
  • 9th Plant Genomics European Meeting (Plant GEM), Istanbul Turkey (2011)
  • 9th European Conference on Computational Biology, Ghent Belgium (2010) (Link)
  • 2nd international Symposium on Genomics Plant Genetic Resources (GPGR2), Bologna Italy (2010)(download)
  • GCP ARM, Bamako Mali (2009) (download)
  • 3rd Biocurator conference, Berlin Germany (2009) (link)
  • PAG, SanDiego USA (2008) (download)
  • ISRFG, Tsukuba Japan (2007) (download)
  • GCP ARM, Benoni South Africa(2007) (download)
  • ICAR Beijing (2007) (download)
  • SwissProt-20years Fortaleza (2006), ISMB Fortaleza (2006) (download)
  • JOBIM Lyon (2005) (download)

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