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Family GP007743

Family ID GP007743  add to my list RDF
Family name HCaRG hypertension-related, calcium-regulated family  
Cross-reference(s) PMID:
HCaRG, a novel calcium-regulated gene coding for a nuclear protein, is potentially involved in the regulation of cell proliferation.
Curation status ?
Found in Viridiplantae
Phylogenetic analyzes Did not pass filtration

Clustering level Family ID (number of sequences)
HCaRG hypertension-related, calcium-regulated family (plant-specificity: 16%)
GP007743 (6)
(plant-specificity: 16%)
GP028865 (6)
(plant-specificity: 16%)
GP055878 (6)
(plant-specificity: 16%)
GP087784 (6)
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Sequence total: 6
Species Count (w/o splice) Count (w/ splice)
1 1
1 1
2 2
1 1
1 1

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IPR Annotation Type % Occurence Specificity
HCaRG Family 83 (5) No

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Alignment and filtration statistics:

Overall family sequences Sequences used for alignment (w/o splice) Sequences kept after filtration [min; median; max] ~average sequence length Alignment length Masked alignment length
6 6 (100%) 5 (83%) [64; 245; 256] ~204 375 149