GreenPhyl species, genomes and pan-genomes

GreenPhylDB is a web resource designed for comparative and functional genomics in plants. The version 5 contains now a catalogue of clusters / gene families combining 19  pangenomes  (e.g. rice, maize, banana, grape, cacao) and 27 reference genomes for a total of 46 species as illustrated on the right.

All clusters are functionally annotated with InterPro, Uniprot and NCBI and provide the following information:
  • Species composition
  • Cluster sublevel structure
  • Protein domain specificity
  • Plant kingdom specificity
Clusters were analysed by a phylogenetic-based approach to predict homologous relationships. Manual curation is done manually on Gene family names that were obtained automatically and users can submit name suggestions or their own gene family. GreenPhylDB is part of the South Green Bioinformatics platform
Click on nodes to expand or collapse subtrees. Internal nodes represent taxonomic classifications. Bold nodes are Pangenes. Leaves are genomes.